TQ Technology: the name says it.

Our company name is a play on our business approach and philosophy. In its English version, TQ stands for “Technical Quotient”, indicating our vision to provide intelligent and high-technology lighting solutions to our customers.
The Chinese meaning – 天勤科技 – translates into “diligent and blessed” and reflects our principle of operation: thorough and accurate product development and manufacturing to supply high-quality and highly reliable products.
Our team consists of more than thirty highly-experienced engineers, manufacturing and supply chain managers with high standards of professionalism. Our work is fully focused on meeting our customers’ needs.

We aim to be a global world-class supplier of solid-state lighting solutions in the automotive and special lighting industry, providing products and R&D services through superior and innovative engineering. We recognize and value the skills of our suppliers, thus being able to offer very cost-effective system integration by leveraging the Tainan-based optical and electronic supply chain.